John 14:18

"I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you. " John 14:18

Monday, October 4, 2010

(Jenn) I probably totalled my car today. Someone came over in my lane and ran me off the road. Did they stop, offer help, or say, "Don't worry, my insurance will cover it!". Nope they just kept on going. However, a very nice woman pulled over and a man came running from his office to check on me. And I wasn't injured. So it could have been a lot worse. The funny thing is before I left the house this morning I prayed that God would order my day. Was this what He had in mind? Evidently it was. Lots of interesting things have happened since we decided to adopt. I made a consultation appointment with an orthodontist to see about getting braces for my daughter. I've had a flare up with TMJ and am getting a new mouth gaurd to the tune of about $900 (nope, insurance doesn't cover that) and now we are probably out of a car that we are still paying for. Now from a human standpoint, this is a big mess. My family is in the middle of trying to finance a $30,000 adoption - it just doesn't seem like a good time to have extra expenses. But "Our God is in heaven; he does whatever pleases him." Psalm 115:3. So did God ordain my car wreck, my TMJ, and my kid's crooked teeth? He sure did. He is sovereign. He is trustworthy. He knows what I need even before I ask Him. I can't wait to see how He works it all out. To God be the glory!


  1. Love you guys and your precious hearts! I am so thankful you are okay! Praying for you!

    "Therefore let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need." Hebrews 4:16

  2. Great Job on the blog Jenn! Can't wait to meet your boy!

  3. YAY! So glad that you started this blog! I am so very excited for you guys and can not wait to meet your new son!